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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Why icons alone won’t save your navigation

Icon research and best practice

There is also the old joke of a kid seeing a floppy disk for the first time and asking his Dad why he has a 3D printed version of the save icon. Well a while back when I was on Twitter, a Japanese user’s asked an important question about Microsoft Excel’s UI, and the question was “Why is the save icon a vending machine?”

This user’s experience is …

Photo by Luísa Schetinger on Unsplash
Photo by Luísa Schetinger on Unsplash

User-fudged experiences

How to design for weird user behavior

User Fudged Experiences are when users do something unexpected with our products or service, usually in a hacky way. Below are a series of examples where users improvised these experiences for various companies.

Story 1: McDonald’s Milkshakes

The Golden Arches were trying to increase the sale of their milkshakes and interviewed users to find the …

Material Money PWA
Material Money PWA

Designing a progressive web app

This article covers the process and the lessons learned when designing a PWA and the things we learned.

A progressive web app (PWA) is a website that has app like features, for example, it can work offline, send you notifications and provides more seamless integration into the native features & behaviors of your phone & desktop.

There is a spectrum of PWA UX, with some PWAs focused on content websites that let users browse them when their …

Photo by NEW DATA SERVICES on Unsplash
Photo by NEW DATA SERVICES on Unsplash

Stress testing your designs so that they are flexible

How we can be creative and realistic with the websites

For graphic designers, this will seem quite odd, but to produce boxes with rounded corners on the web was tricky to implement 10 years ago. To get them you needed hacks and horrible HTML tricks to get a box with rounded corners.

Ironically when the ability to add rounded corners with CSS standardized across all major browsers, designers didn’t want …

Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash
Photo by nikko macaspac on Unsplash

Getting started with UX research

In this article we will look at the steps to take to conduct UX research

To start with, I have to state that you should always have professional researchers on hand to do research properly, in the same way, you need a trained designer or engineer. That said, if you are starting out, or want to improve your process and site or app, diving into research is the best thing you can do to improve the work that you do.

When …

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