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Brand New: The History of Branding


I rewrote some of the paragraphs to be more precise.
Also included a thank you at the end to all of the authors who have cited this article over the years.

Recently I gave a talk for CHP Consulting with a colleague, Martyn Davis, on: “Brand New – The psychology of branding and logo design”. This article was written to complement that talk and shall look a little deeper into the history of branding and further explain how and why we use …

The Design Scales

It’s on info graphics, maps, signage and even those little instructional maps you get with your Kinder Surprise. Information design is everywhere but if done correctly you wouldn’t even notice it. And that’s the point as its purpose is to convey a message. But you should never be aware that it has been ‘designed’.

That’s because driving at 100 miles an hour (or 70 if you’re ‘normal’) on the motorway you need to know which lane to take in order to …