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Found this great explanation on the difference between hyphens, en and em dashes. Wanted to post for future reference.

A hyphen, -, is used in words made of more than one word (Spider-Man, to-be-determined, fail-safe), or phrasal adjectives that happen before a noun (larger-than-life, over-the-top).

An en dash, –, is used for ranges of numbers, dates, or time (1991–2015, 9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.). Think of it as a short form for “to” or “through”.

A …

Experimenting with SVG

I’ve been working on a new logo and a new website in-between projects / work / sleep etc. Part of the project was to introduce SVG elements to my site and gain a better understanding of the SVG spec.

The design itself is based on a mixture of the Fibonacci sequence, Art Nouveau and the floral Islamic art I grew up around as a child. While drawing the initial sketch I imagined it being drawn by itself, but I had know idea how I would do this. …


git'ifying a simple CSS tooltip

I decided to make this a git project. Still a work in progress, although, unlike previous examples, this tooltip has an arrow and allows for different position placements. You can check out the project here or the full demo here.

It uses HTML5 Data attribute to populate the CSS “content” property. So if you have mark up like this;

<div data-somecontent="this is my conten"> hi there. </div>

Then use a CSS selector

div {
		content: …

DT-phpAccordian, a simple Accordion menu

With PHP, JSON and jQuery


This code was written a long time ago, and may no longer works on my serve.

Finally posted this code to create a simple accordian with PHP, JSON and jQuery based on a dev test I did for LoveFILM. You can get the code from github or simply look at it below. I also posted it to gist too so you can see each file example and a working demo aswell!.

First up the PHP

I added comments in the code to explain whats what. WE add the JSON parser …

What I was trying to figure out is how can you check if a table (or a div) that has a parent div with CSS overflow:auto applied to it and has started to horizontally scroll with JavaScript/jQuery.

Seems that the scroll() API in jQuery only checks if the event has been triggered and not if it has a visible scroll.

Then I found element.scrollWidth. All I had to do is check if the scroll width is greater than the container width1 and BOOM. Pretty …

I stumbled across a really cool project by JavaScript Remy Sharp.  The MIT License project is a public, open source permanent resource for the community.

It allows you to create a single resource that would always be up to date and would always have your MIT details online.

I created my own, which is very simple to do.  And as a thank you to Remy I decided to design a couple of templates which you can see here, here and here 🙂