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Michael Jackson Vs HTML5

Our industry is over 20 years old now. Mosiac, the first web browser was release in 1993 followed by Opera in ’94 and Internet Explorer in ’95. Mostly we were reduced to viewing text files and eXcel like tables for our web pages. Linking to separate pages/documents was like a revolution in the HTML world that held engieneers in awe of the infinite possibilities.

Then the browser war ensued followed by the first bubble bursting/web crash. Many …

Now and then, I meet up with old school buddies, and as the night progresses, we always have one of those conversations about what we didn’t learn at Uni. Sadly, what we were taught goes out the window soon as we enter the industry.

I started to wonder that if I knew then what I know now would I be a better designer? Or would it have prevented me from developing as a creative person? We need to learn in a ‘blue sky’ thinking …