A Portfolio and blog for Mustafa Kurtuldu

Below is a collection of recent work, including Android and web projects I designed from the ground up or features I envisioned for established products.

Horizon Design System

Twitter's Horizon Design System

Designing at scale

Twitter’s design system, Horizon, was relaunched to focus on universally accessible UI, user-driven content and dynamic visuals.

As Product Design lead for Horizon, I led on cross-platform consistency, defining success, lobbying leadership, designing processes and mentoring our Senior & Staff Designers. My research showed that Horizon saved ~70% of a designer’s time, most using the library daily.


Twitter's Drafts

Making drafting accessible and syncable

The existing drafting system within Twitter needed to be fixed, as it was undiscoverable and didn’t sync between devices.

I led a redesign and research across multiple engineering teams, running multiple designs that explored ~20 designs. I conducted numerous usability studies with users to determine the best approach to launching our proposed vision on our platforms.

Dash Menu

Twitter's Navigational System

Realigning core navigation to make actions intentional

Twitter’s navigational system was inflexible, and if we were to launch, all of our proposed features would have reduced the space for actual content.

As Design Lead, I was responsible for launching a new scalable navigational system, the Dash Menu, across all our platforms that enabled feature experimentation without disrupting the existing menu or content.

PWA install ui

Web Apps & Google Chrome

Enhancing web app experiences

Progressive Web Apps are super-powered websites that users can install on a phone or computer. I led an initiative with the Chrome engineering team to improve discoverability, education and usage.

My work led to a greater than 100% increase in PWA installation and engagement. You can read more on the Chrome Blog.


Secure Sign-in & Google Chrome

Ending users need for passwords on the web

Two-Factor authentication, Phone as a Security Key & WebOTP empowers users by allowing them to sign in with their phones securely. Millions of users sign in with their phones as an authentication method every day; sadly, many logins fail.

I was the UX lead on our Web Platform, and my team redesigned several sign-in flows and increased successful logins by a third.

Google.dev learning website


Redesigning developer learning for Google

As UX lead Google Developers documentation sites, my team aimed to redesign learning for our developer audience.

Google.dev launched at Google I/O 2019 to an audience of ~7,000 attendees. It achieved over 3,000 active users by the end of our first week with 48k pageviews.



Image compression web app

A new web tool, Squoosh, downsizes, compresses, and reformats images.

I was the UX lead and designed the app’s user journey, flow and visuals. Launched at Chrome Dev Summit 2018, the app received over ~400k visitors, which resulted in over ~230k compressed images in its first week. See app here.


Material Design Lite (MDL)

Google's design system on the web

Material Design Lite was Google’s Core Material Design Web implementation framework that allowed designers and developers to add a Material look and feel to their sites.

As UX lead, I designed templates and visual assets. My advocacy work saw increased MDL’s usage to over three millon URLs. See more here.

Material Money PWA

Material Money PWA

Currency Convertor web app

A currency converter web app, Material.Money is a showcase of designing motion on the web.

As UX lead, I designed the core experience, visual and motion design. Due to its success, the app was featured in the A Book Apart ‘Progressive Web Apps’ book as a great example of how to design notifications and network states. See app here.

Chrome Custom Tab

Chrome Custom Tab download UI

Bring delight to Android experiences

Native Android apps use Chrome Custom Tabs to link to web content. Usually, this means opening a webpage in a ‘Chromeless’ tab. However, when users clicked on a file, a blank page appeared.

I led a redesign of the download flow, working with our illustrators & animators to create a delightful experience for Android users.